2018 Mt Buller Team Challenge


Liability Release:
All competitors as listed on the events official entry form, in consideration of
being permitted by the organisers, to participate in the above event and to use
the lifts and other facilities of the organisers, their agents, servants, sponsors and
contractors, hereby agree with the organisers as follows:

1. To the extent permitted by the Trade Practices Act 1974 (“the Act”), the
organisers and any person for whose acts or omissions the organisers are legally
responsible shall have no liability to me in tort, contract or for breach of statutory
or regulatory duty or other wise for personal injury, loss and/or damage and/or for
property damage, loss or destruction which is either suffered by me or caused by
me to anyone else;

2. Where the Act applies to the services made available by the organisers to me,
to the extent that the organisers are permitted to do so, their liability is limited:
(a) to the resupply of the services originally made available, made
available again;

3. I recognise and understand that the competitive Skiing/Boarding is a
dangerous activity in which severe injuries and death can occur; I also know that
there are natural, mechanical and environmental conditions that may cause injury
to either others or myself. I agree that I am responsible for my safety while
participating in Skiing/Boarding events and for the maintenance of any personal
equipment. I will inspect the racecourse and all the fixtures relating to the
operation of the event and will not Ski/Board the racecourse arena unless I am
fully satisfied with the conditions of the racecourse and fixtures;

4. I give my consent to the organisers and the event broadcasters to use any
photographic and video materials in which I am subject for the advertising and
promotional purposes;

5. I acknowledge that:
(a) this Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Victoria, the
Courts of which shall have exclusive jurisdiction,

(b) this written Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between
myself and the organisers and is intended to be interpreted as broadly as
possible in favour of the organisers,

(c) if any part of this agreement is determined to be unenforceable all the
other parts shall be given full force and effect.

The organisers are: Lavender Rain Pty Ltd, trading as Snowexpo, and all
sponsors, their servants and agents.